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The prophecy of the death of England
Bitterleaf Books Light / Dark Anthology [print] (coming summer)

Contemplating the future at my pap smear
venus hour (coming summer)

Through the eyes of a child
York Literary Review [print] (coming June)

Failed Feelings
Bindweed Anthologies: Midsummer Madness [print] (coming June)

The Dead Still Live Here
Schlock! Webzine [print] (coming June)

People Like That
Friends on the Shelf, Issue 9 [print]

Penumbra, Spring 2024 [print] (coming March)

The Massacre at Rue Saint-Séverin
Altered Reality Magazine, Winter 24: Dark Fantasy

BLEACH!, Issue 2


I have this fantasy where I’m abducted by aliens
Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself, Issue 5

The Clootie
Crow & Cross Keys

The Psychology of Attraction
White Noise Zine, Issue 3: Defiant


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