About me

Lucy Rumble is a 23-year-old writer from Essex, England.

She has a Bachelor of Arts from Durham University in Ancient, Medieval and Modern History, and has recently completed her Master of Arts in Digital Humanities from UCL. She is currently working in an archive, and is making a rather poor attempt at starting her own antiquarian book collection.

She has been writing stories since time began, and was first published in ‘Bone Shakers: A Collection of Ghost Stories‘ when she was 10. Following this grand success, she decided to retire from the world of publishing until a random day in December 2022 when she had a sudden urge to make something of herself. While her poetry can be lovey-dovey, her prose generally leans toward the darker genres of crime, dystopia, historical fiction, gothic, sci-fi, and psychological horror. She also writes a fair amount of literary pieces and creative non-fiction.

She is currently working on a crime novel and poetry collection.

Find her in the dust, or on social media if that’s easier.